The Secret To Effective Ant Control For Queen Creek Homeowners

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In our Queen Creek service area, we have a surprising number of ant species that invade our homes. Most are just a nuisance. They get into food, climb around on floors, walls, kitchen counters, and shelves. But some ants present a threat. If fire ants find their way into your home, their stings have the potential to cause an allergic reaction. If carpenter ants get into your home, they can chew tunnels in your wood and lead to cascading damage. If crazy ants get in, they can clog electronics. Each ant type has its own habitat and food preferences. The secret to keeping ants out is to understand which ants you're dealing with and why you're dealing with them. Here's why.

The Problem With Ants

Ants are small. Really small. It is difficult to keep a really small pest out of your home. The more ants you have crawling around near your home, the more ants you're going to see inside your home. It's that simple. While you should certainly take steps to seal potential entry points, this alone is not enough to keep ants outside where they belong.

Ants That Like Rotting Wood

Many ants are attracted to rotting wood—not just carpenter ants. Obviously, carpenter ants are the worst. If you have a pile of wood in your yard, such as construction materials, brush piles, or campfire wood, these will attract ants. If you have wooden borders around your flower beds or landscaping, these too can be an attractant.

  • Move sources of wood away from the exterior of your home.
  • Replace wooden objects with objects that are made of something else.
  • Remove stumps and logs.
  • Repair rotting wood on structures.

Ants That Like Moisture

Most ants are drawn to moist conditions. In moist places, ants that like rotting wood have a chance of finding it. But, this is far from the only reason moisture is an attractant. Ants need water to drink, and also to keep them cool and hydrated during the hot Arizona days. You'll have more ants around your home if you have moist habitats for them to explore.

  • Water your plants in the early morning to allow the moisture to dry up on the topsoil and on your plants. This can make a big difference.
  • Create space between your plants so the wind can move through and keep things dry.
  • Remove organic debris in your landscaping. Dampness can get trapped underneath.
  • If you use sprinklers, be sure to put them on a timer.
  • Repair clogged or damaged gutters and plumbing leaks.

Ants That Like Sweets

One of the most important food sources that can attract ants to your home is honeydew produced by aphids, scales, or whiteflies. This sweet substance is highly sought after by many ants, and particularly by ants with a sweet tooth. You can resist aphids by keeping your plants healthy and by washing aphids off as soon as you find them on your plants.

Ants That Like Protein

Some ants are carnivorous by nature. They prefer to eat meat. They'll eat everything from a dead animal, dead insect, rotting meats in your trash bins, or remnants of meat on your outdoor grill. Proper trash management and good sanitation are key for reducing this type of ant around your Queen Creek home.

Professional Ant Control

At Canopy Pest Control, our licensed technicians are familiar with the ant pests we have in our Queen Creek area. We can determine what ant pressures you're dealing with and provide you with a solution to address ant colonies and reduce ant populations. Reach out to us today for a home pest control evaluation.