Are Wolf Spiders In Queen Creek Dangerous?

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wolf spider up close

The name "wolf spider" brings to mind a bloodthirsty creature, a blend of a creepy, crawly spider and ravenous apex predator like the wolf. Relatively large for a spider and with distinctive brownish stripes down their eight legs, the wolf spider is certainly a predator, hunting their prey rather than catching it in a web. But are they dangerous to humans?

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous To Humans?

Wolf spiders are incredibly dangerous creatures — at least to insects and other pests in their weight class. They are ferocious hunters with remarkable agility, able to easily overpower prey. Like most spiders, a wolf spider bite will inject a victim with potent venom, but unlike most spiders, the wolf spider doesn’t need to spin a web. They keep themselves fed from hunting alone.

The wolf spider might sound like a terrifying foe, and it’s sure to frighten any person with a case of arachnophobia. Even so, this predator of insects and small arachnids alike doesn’t stand a chance against human beings hundreds of times their size. They may not be afraid to bite you if given the chance, but the venom they restrain insects with is not nearly powerful enough to kill a person unless the effects of a spider allergy come into play. However, this does not mean the bite will be painless or will cause no ill effects in a human.

Why Do Wolf Spiders Come Inside Homes?

Unlike the canine hunters for which they were named, the wolf spider tends to live in solitude, away from others of its species. The wolf spider would much rather live its life outdoors, where it has plenty of space to pursue its prey.

So if wolf spiders would prefer living outside your beautiful Queen Creek home, why would they end up inside it? As hunters, these arachnids follow their gut and go where the prey is. If the wolf spider is having trouble finding prey, it will naturally pack up shop and move to an area teeming with new prey to sustain itself with. If a wolf spider makes its way inside your home, it's most likely because you have an existing pest problem that's providing an easy meal for it. 

Whether your Queen Creek property is suffering worse from an infestation of wolf spiders or their prey, the best way to combat pesky intruders is with professional assistance from a team capable of eliminating both. Contact Canopy Pest Control right away for a pest management plan that's customized for you and your property.