How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Queen Creek Yard

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Arizona is home to a variety of scorpions. Some are more dangerous than others. It's important to understand why Arizona scorpions enter homes and just how dangerous it is to have them in your yard. Canopy Pest Control wants to make sure you know the best ways to control scorpions on your property and in addition to calling Queen Creek pest control.

Why Scorpions Invade Queen Creek Properties?

If you're wondering how to keep scorpions out of your home, it is important to consider the reasons scorpions come inside. Scorpions most often live outside, but they will seek entry into area homes for a few different reasons. They may be looking to escape certain outdoor conditions such as unfavorable temperatures, searching for a reliable source of water, or following the prey they are hunting. The more scorpions you have living around your home, the more likely they are to find a reason to venture inside.

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions In My Yard?

There are different types of scorpions, and some are more hazardous than others. All scorpions have a notorious stinger at the end of their tail that delivers venom to anyone who is stung. This venom triggers allergic reactions. For milder species, this venom produces a reaction similar to a bee sting. Much like a bee sting, the severity of reactions can depend on the severity of a person's allergic reaction. While these stings are not life-threatening for most people, there are dangerous scorpions living in Queen Creek. The most widespread scorpion in Queen Creek is just such a species. Their stings can prove incredibly painful and can sometimes prove fatal. Regardless of the species, it's best to avoid stings and keep scorpions away from your property.

Six Effective Scorpion Control Tips

So what are the best forms of scorpion control for your property? Here are six of the most effective things you can do to deter scorpions from settling close to your Queen Creek home.

  1. Pest Control: Scorpions are hunters and most likely to go where they can find plenty of food, such as insects, spiders, and small rodents. Keeping these pests out of your home can help minimize the scorpions chasing them.
  2. Moisture Control: While they live in deserts, scorpions require a reliable source of moisture. If you have leaky pipes, condensations, or poorly ventilated areas in your home, you could be attracting scorpions. It's important to address moisture issues right away.
  3. Drainage: Another frequent water source for scorpions is poorly maintained drainage. Make sure your gutters are clear, and downspouts direct water away from your home so that it doesn't have a chance to pool and attract area scorpions.
  4. Prevent Entry: Keep scorpions from coming inside by sealing gaps and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation and keeping screens in good repair. 
  5. Weatherstripping: Installing weatherstripping and door sweeps is another great way to keep scorpions out. Pay close attention to the areas around garage doors as this is a frequent entrance for scorpions.
  6. Eliminate Harborage: Get rid of scorpion harborage areas like woodpiles, stones, and other debris. The less scorpions are hiding nearby, the less likely they are to wander inside. 

By limiting access to food, water, and shelter, you can reduce the chances that scorpions will come into your Queen Creek home. 

The Secret To Total Scorpion Control Around Your Queen Creek Property

Of course, the foolproof way of getting rid of scorpions and keeping them away is to work with professionals like the experts at Canopy Pest Control. We know all about scorpions and how to safely remove them from your home and keep them from coming back. We are a family-owned and operated company that wants to provide you with reliable pest control services. Call today to schedule a free inspection or to get an estimate for scorpion control in your Queen Creek home.