Are American Cockroaches Giving You A Headache In Queen Creek?

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Nothing gets your heart pumping faster than to flip on the light switch in a dark room and witness the sight of American cockroaches scurrying in a frenzy to their hiding places. Fortunately, Canopy Pest Control provides reliable and high-quality pest control in Queen Creek to obliterate a cockroach infestation fast. Our experienced team uses only the most effective cockroach treatments that are tough on insects but safe for you and your family. Read on to learn more about these dangerous insects, the warning signs you have, and the best way to get rid of them for good.

Clear Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Even if you’ve never experienced a cockroach infestation in Queen Creek, there will always be obvious signs that these insects have infiltrated your home. The key is recognizing the clues so you can take immediate action to thwart a massive pest problem. American cockroaches will eventually leave the following warning signs:

  • Droppings left in dimly-lit or dark areas
  • Egg capsules
  • A musty, oily odor. 
  • Hissing or chirping noises. 
  • Shed skin

These roaches also leave dirty or greasy smear marks along walls, floors, baseboards, countertops, or other areas where they’re the most active. They can also damage your food packaging, fabrics, and other materials, such as wool and leather.

Why An American Cockroach Infestation Is Considered Dangerous

American cockroaches are so dangerous because they can carry diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. Roaches survive wandering through and living in the filthiest conditions. Once they arrive at your residence, their bodies are covered in germs that spread on any item or surface they crawl along. These roaches can cause illnesses like campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis, giardia, gastroenteritis, and listeriosis.

American cockroaches can also transmit E. coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus aureus. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics should pay special attention to a sudden flare-up in symptoms, which could be due to possible exposure to cockroach excrement, saliva, or other body parts. Contact experienced pest specialists for professional cockroach control.

Why You Can’t Get Rid Of American Cockroaches On Your Own

Many things in life are difficult to achieve, like obtaining a Ph.D. in quantum physics or winning the lottery. But an equally challenging task is getting rid of American cockroaches in your home. These dangerous pests are masters at hiding out, making them tough to eradicate. They also multiply at an alarmingly fast rate, which means their numbers can double quickly. If you’re into do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) practices, beware. American cockroaches have been known to outlive the standard, store-bought pesticide easily. Therefore, avoid wasting time on techniques that don’t work in the long run, and get in touch with professional cockroach pest control in Queen Creek instead.

Contact The Pros For Total American Cockroach Eradication

When it’s time to take cockroach elimination seriously, contact professionals who understand exactly what it takes to resolve the problem completely. At-home remedies and D.I.Y. methods may work to fix a broken bike chain or remove spilled paint on the carpet, but not when dealing with a cockroach infestation. The best way to eliminate cockroaches is to partner with experienced pest specialists who will quickly get the job done.

Since 2010, Canopy Pest Control has been providing exceptional pest management solutions to our Queen Creek residents that they can trust. We wipe out all types of cockroaches and various other nuisance pests that can make your home an unpleasant place to live. Our eco-friendly and organic pesticides protect your family and pets during the treatment process. Let’s get started today! Reach out to us and request your free property inspection.