Queen Creek's Ultimate American Cockroach Control Guide

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an american cockroach on the ground

Palmetto bug, water bug, and Bombay canary; the American cockroach is known across the nation by many names and dreaded by all who encounter them. Their intimidating size, coupled with their uncanny resilience to survive, makes them a formidable foe and an absolute nightmare as an infestation. The dangers that an American cockroach infestation could pose to your Queen Creek home, though, maybe even more terrifying than their appearance.

Identifying American Cockroaches In Your Queen Creek Home

The American cockroach is the largest species among the commonly found cockroaches in the United States. They often measure between one to one and a half inches in length but have been known to even exceed two inches every now and then. They are light to dark brown in color, with wings that cover the entire length of their flat, oval-shaped bodies. With six creepy legs and long antennae, discovering one of these roaches in your home can be a real shock to the senses.

Trying to identify a roach infestation in your Queen Creek home may prove to be difficult. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, and if you're dealing with an early infestation you may only be able to encounter them scurrying about at night. If there's a large enough infestation, you may see one or two running around during the day. Thankfully, though, there are other ways to identify an ongoing cockroach infestation:

  • Excrement; small pellets, often mistaken for mouse droppings
  • Smell; more sensitive noses can detect a musky odor
  • Egg capsules; small, dark brown ovals that look like seeds or beans
  • Scurrying noises; if the house is quiet enough, you'll often hear them scurrying between walls and within cupboards

Why Are There American Cockroaches In My Queen Creek Home?

Houses provide comfortable, cozy environments for their owners and known residents, but they're also quite alluring to pests for many of the same reasons. They provide strong, sturdy shelters with ample food and water, and are especially sought after during cold and rainy seasons. With warmth, moisture, food, and shelter from predators and the unforgiving elements, it's no surprise that pests like cockroaches would want to invade.

As homes settle and age, cracks, and gaps often develop in the foundation and outdoor-leading points of entry. These gaps and unknown entryways are often found in or around:

  • Walls holding utility pipes and electrical wires
  • Worn down insulation between windows and doors
  • Holes in shingles and roof trimming
  • Previous pest damage
  • Damaged siding
  • Areas with excessive water damage

There are other ways that cockroaches could invade, such as infested second-hand furniture, storage boxes, and neighbors with ongoing cockroach problems. It can be tricky to prevent a cockroach infestation, but routine inspections and maintenance of the home, fixing any leaks that cause excessive moisture, and thorough inspection of thrift store finds and boxes could mean the difference between roach-free living and a nightmare of an infestation.

Should I Be Worried About An American Cockroach Infestation?

Make no mistake, an American cockroach infestation in your Queen Creek home is absolutely dangerous. The presence of cockroaches have been known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks, and these pests also carry and spread diseases such as salmonella, E. coli, and dysentery. Food contamination from cockroaches isn't just a nuisance, it can be costly and even deadly.

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