Four Scorpion Prevention Tips Everyone In Queen Creek, AZ Ought To Know

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scorpion on a tree

Scorpions can deliver a painful sting but are really more of a nuisance than an actual threat for most people. Regardless, nobody wants to deal with scorpions on their property. So, we’ve put together a few scorpion prevention tips for Queen Creek, AZ that you ought to know.

Problems That Scorpions Cause

The main problem caused by scorpions is, of course, that they sting. A sting from most scorpions results in intense localized pain and swelling at the site of injection. While most human adults are too large to be seriously affected by a scorpion sting, others are more susceptible to scorpion venom.

Children, the elderly, and pets are more likely to be seriously impacted by a sting and should receive medical attention. And if an individual is allergic to stinging insects, an encounter with a scorpion can be potentially life-threatening.

While there are over 100 scorpion species indigenous to the United States, few pose serious health risks to the general population, and most stings are not medically significant. The most common way people tend to get stung is by accidentally stepping on a hapless hiding scorpion.

Scorpions enter buildings for relief from the hot desert environment, in search of water and cooler temperatures. They like to hide in some inconvenient places, like inside shoes, where they deliver surprise stings to unfortunate victims. It’s not that scorpions want to harm us; it’s that they have a powerful defense mechanism against predators, and they know how to use it.

Four Tips To Solve Scorpion Problems

Scorpions can be a potentially dangerous pest to have around and can certainly cause stress and anxiety. Luckily, you can help control the population of scorpions on your property by following a few simple steps.

1. Address other pest problems – Scorpions are predators that feed on small pests like spiders and flies. By reducing the population of other insects on your property, you can prevent scorpions from congregating. Just turning off outdoor lights at night can make a big difference.

2. Take care of your yard – Overgrown shrubs and bushes can act as a bridge for scorpions to enter your property. Regularly trimming your lawn and hedges can reduce the presence of scorpions and the bugs they feed on. Eliminating outdoor hiding spots like rocks, firewood, and logs is also a good idea.

3. Fix leaks and moisture issues – Evaluate your property for areas where excess moisture is accumulating. Look for any leaky pipes or fixtures and fix them as needed. Scorpions often find their way indoors through drains and plumbing.

4. Repair the exterior – Keep an eye out for cracks that scorpions can squeeze through. Seal any openings around your foundation or plumbing with caulk. Check weatherstripping and door sweeps and replace them as needed.

Why Professional Services Are The Right Choice

You can take steps to reduce the presence of scorpions on your property, but it’s no guarantee that you’ll get rid of your scorpion problem once and for all. Store-bought pesticides might not be effective against scorpions for a number of reasons. It's mostly due to the particular behavior of scorpions that DIY treatments fail.

When you choose the professional services of Canopy Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced technicians understand the particular biology of scorpions and how best to eliminate them. We will work with you to develop a residential pest control or commercial pest management treatment plan tailored to your needs to protect your property from scorpions and other troublesome pests. Get in touch with us today.