What You Should Know About Effective Earwig Control In Queen Creek

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earwig on a dead flower

If a pest looks scary, does that mean it is dangerous? Although this is the case for many creatures around the globe, there are some that are not nearly as harmful as they appear. One local pest people wonder about is the earwig. This creepy critter is terrifying to look at with its menacing looking pincers and has a habit of causing trouble for homeowners. Here is what you should know about earwigs and what pest control in Queen Creek works best to combat these pests. For immediate help with an active infestation inside your home, let us know you need help. We will talk you through our comprehensive options and find a service that will solve your pest problems.

What Do Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs are long slender insects with a large pincer at their rear. They are dark brown in color and have six yellow legs, two oddly bent antennae, and a small head. You are most likely to see these pests crawling about at night, as this is when they are most active. During the day, earwigs hide under mulch, dead leaves, piles of firewood, boards, and other organic or non-organic clutter. Although these harmful-looking pests prefer to live outdoors and need plant growth to survive, they do come indoors when their survival depends on it. Invasions happen more frequently during the late fall, early winter, and times of inclement weather. It is vitally important that you have some form of defensive measures in place for when these pests look to your home as shelter. Below we'll list some of the problems earwigs can create inside your home, as well as DIY prevention options and the benefits of professional control. 

The Problems Earwigs Can Create Inside Your Home

There are many questions people have about earwigs. For one, people wonder if earwigs bite or pinch. These pests do have the ability to bite but do not harm humans unless they feel directly threatened. The same thing is true with pinching. These pests will not use their pincers to attack but can and will if they feel it is necessary for their survival. That said, earwig pincers are not built for aggression, and these pinches are unlikely to break through your skin. Beyond these problems, earwigs do not pose a physical threat. They do not spread any harmful diseases and do not possess venom or poisonous fluids. The biggest concern with earwigs and earwig larvae is that they will damage your healthy plants. These pests love to establish their presence inside gardens and around yards. If they can find fresh vegetation indoors, they might feed on this as well. The good news is that there are methods that work as earwig repellents to help you avoid these pests and the problems they cause.

Tips To Prevent Earwigs From Entering Your Home

No one wants to find an earwig infestation in their house. If you have some time on your hands and are not ready to invest in professional pest control just yet, we recommend utilizing some natural prevention tips. Here are four methods to start with:

  1. Walk around your home's exterior and identify gaps, holes, and cracks in its exterior foundation. Fill in these potential entry points using silicone caulk or liquid cement.
  2. Check your property for clutter, both organic and non-organic. Clear out as much of this clutter as possible to eliminate nearby nesting areas for earwigs and other pests.
  3. Address factors inside and around your home that might contribute to moisture issues. This could include leaky pipes, damaged fixtures, broken or clogged gutters, and rainwater build-up.
  4. Repair damage to exterior siding, windows, doors, and ventilation covers. With this, make sure to seal all of your windows and doors using weather stripping and door sweeps.

These methods will help to keep earwigs away. They will not, however, guarantee your protection against pests. If you want total control options, you should consider getting our team at Canopy Pest Control involved. 

Contact The Professionals For Complete Earwig Control

We do not want you struggling to get rid of earwigs inside your Queek Creek home. If you want fast solutions to get these pests out, we have your solutions here. We also offer year-round general home pest control that professionally deters earwigs and a wide range of other common home invaders. Let us know today if you are looking for simple earwig control or a more comprehensive option to protect your home against invasive species.

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