The Ultimate Guide To Scorpion Prevention And Control For Queen Creek Homeowners

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If you have only recently moved south, the thought of scorpions crawling around may still come as a bit of a culture shock. These larger, stinger-tailed arachnids are pretty much non-existent in northern states. Here in Queen Creek, they are all over the place and a common sight for homeowners. 

Whether you are a local who has seen these pests around for years or a new arrival that needs a rundown on what to expect from these pests, we have some things you need to think about today. Here's everything locals here should understand about how to keep different types of scorpions out of your Queen Creek home. 

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Understanding Scorpion Behavior And Habitats

Most people know what scorpions look like but must fully understand how these pests act or operate. You should know more about these arachnids and their behavior inside or around your home. 

First, you should know that scorpions like seclusion. They actively look to live in arid areas that provide protection from the elements. You might find scorpions under rocks or tucked in between storage boxes inside your home. 

Second, you should know that scorpions in Queen Creek are nonsocial animals; they live alone and not in a colony. It's common for these pests to cannibalize each other, even after courtship. 

Finally, you should know that scorpions have stingers and can sting. Most local species are no more dangerous than a wasp or bee. There are, however, certain scorpions that can cause more serious harm. Learn how to identify these pests and do your best to avoid scorpion stings as a general rule.

Why And How Scorpions Find Their Way Inside

Scorpions are a lot like spiders, which makes sense, considering that both pests are arachnids. One thing these creatures share in common is their main reason for invading homes. 

Scorpions like to invade local structures to search for other pests to hunt and eat. If you regularly find other bugs crawling around your living room, kitchen, or basement, you will be more likely to have trouble with scorpions. 

Another thing that will push these pests indoors is harsh weather conditions. It is not uncommon for scorpion infestations to increase when the weather is stormy. 

These pests are also much more likely to move away from construction zones and into nearby structures. 

The best way to prevent scorpions in Arizona from invading your property is to have preventative measures in place. Let's start with some detailed scorpion prevention tips

Four Eco-Friendly And Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips

We care more about protecting you from dangerous scorpions than making money with pest control services. For this reason, we want to provide you with these four helpful DIY tips that might just keep these pests out of your home before you have to call us.

  • Locate potential entry points around your exterior foundation. Seal up any gaps, holes, and cracks you find using some silicone caulk.
  • Address damage to exterior doors and windows and properly seal them with weatherstripping and door sweeps. 
  • Make sure all of your window and door screens are in good shape. In addition, keep unscreened doors and windows shut when you are not using them.
  • Reduce clutter inside and around your home. With this, do your best to keep up with landscaping. 

If you want to save time and energy or make sure these pests stay out of your home, you should consider investing in professional scorpion control in Queen Creek. We have great scorpion control options here at Canopy Pest Control. Contact us to learn more about this and our other effective pest control services.

Professional Pest Control Makes The Best Scorpion Control

Now that you know all about scorpions, let's talk control. The best way to identify, eliminate, and prevent these terrible and sometimes dangerous pests lies here with Canopy Pest Control. Our team will be happy to help you understand your risk and implement some effective treatments to ensure that scorpions get and stay out of your house.

Reach out to Canopy Pest Control to learn more about our scorpion control or schedule a service visit for your Queen Creek home and property.