How To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Queen Creek Property

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scorpion on desert sand

Scorpions are some of the scariest pests that can infest your property. Not only do these arachnids look frightening, they can deliver a painful venomous sting that can cause a number of medical complications. Keeping these creepy pests off of your Queen Creek property is essential for maintaining a comfortable and stress-free life. 

What To Know About Scorpions In Queen Creek

The Arizona climate is ideal for scorpions, and there are at least 30 unique species that call the state home. But there are only a few that you need to worry about in your Queen Creek home or business. Common types of scorpions in the area include:

  • Arizona bark scorpion – Tan in color and measuring about 2 ½ inches long, Arizona bark scorpions are known to congregate in groups. Their venom can cause intense pain and nausea.
  • Giant hairy scorpion – Usually over 5 inches in length, these scorpions are highly intimidating. However, their venom is not especially potent and is only real danger for those allergic.
  • Arizona striped tail scorpion – These scorpions are easily recognized for the dark bands of color that cover its pale body. Arizona striped tail scorpions measure about 3 inches in length and are not particularly venomous.

How To Keep Scorpions Away

Scorpions might be equipped for desert life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a cool drink of water and a roof over their heads. They often venture into Queen Creek properties for relief from the heat and to prey on other pests. Here’s how you can keep them away:

  • Reduce harborage points – Scorpions love to hide in piles of firewood, stones, and other outdoor clutter that affords them shade and solitude. Carefully remove any unneeded debris and waste from around your property.
  • Reduce the food supply – Scorpions are predators that feed on smaller bugs like spiders and ants. Keeping outdoor lights off at night can reduce the presence of prey insects, as can keeping trash covered, and fixing leaking spigots or pipes.
  • Reduce yard waste – Remove any yard waste like dead leaves or grass clippings. Mow the lawn regularly and trim hedges often to reduce hiding spots for scorpions and their prey alike.

How To Prevent Scorpions From Getting Indoors

While reducing the factors that attract scorpions to your Queen Creek property is important, it’s almost meaningless if you don’t take steps to ensure that scorpions don’t come indoors. You can prevent scorpions indoors by:

  • Repairing or replacing screens – Scorpions are talented climbers and often enter through windows. Ensure that screens are free of tears or fraying and repair or replace as needed. Be sure to repair and replace damaged weather stripping or door sweeps as well.
  • Seal cracks and gaps – Examine the exterior of your property for cracks in the foundation or gaps around pipes and cables. Seal any openings with silicone caulk. Scorpions are particularly likely to be attracted to areas around drains and pipes.
  • Address moisture issues – Fix any leaky pipes, spigots, or faucets where scorpions can get a drink. Be sure to turn off hoses and sprinklers completely when not in use. Clear drains and gutters of blockages to prevent water backup.

If you’re worried about scorpions infesting your Queen Creek property or if you’re already dealing with an active infestation, the best thing you can do is to get ongoing assistance from the pros at Canopy Pest Control. Our family-owned business prides itself on treating our customers like family and we strive to provide the best scorpion control services with our residential and commercial pest control programs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.