Are You Prepared For Termite Season In Queen Creek?

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Life is full of seasons. There is a season for fishing and a season for football. There is even a season for termites. Like fishing season, termite season is a time when people catch termites. The biggest difference is that they do not catch them willingly. Instead, locals “catch” a termite infestation when a mature termite nest releases termite swarmers. As we head into termite season this spring, you should know how to stop these pests. Here is what you need to know to protect your Queen Creek home this season and what termite control works best. Reach out to Canopy Pest Control if you are looking for professional options to keep destructive insects away. We offer comprehensive termite pest control in Queen Creek and are ready to meet your pest control needs.

Why A Termite Infestation Can Go Unnoticed For A Long Time

There is a good reason why termites are the most destructive insects in the world. It is not because they destroy wood rapidly. In fact, it takes over a year in most cases for termites to noticeably damage a property. What makes these pests so scary is how hard they are to identify. Unlike carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powderpost beetles that live above ground and only nest inside wood, termites live their entire lives underground or inside some form of wood. This makes them extremely difficult to identify and requires homeowners to wait for noticeable signs of termites through the damage they cause to notice a problem. We will talk more in a bit about how you can spot these pests before they create this noticeable problem.

Do Termite Swarmers Mean I Have Termites?

One thing goes hand in hand with termite season and that is termite swarmers. Termite swarmers are winged reproductive members that are produced by fully mature colonies. They are tasked with the job of finding and creating new nests. Where you see these long-winged, ant-like insects can say a lot about your home’s risk. If swarmers are around your home, congregating on window sills, exterior walls, and near moisture sources, they may only be looking at your home as a potential food source. If swarmers are indoors but your windows and doors are closed, they most likely got in through existing tunnels made by termite workers. This is a cause for concern as it indicates an existing and potentially severe infestation. 

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are Worth It

Because termites are slow at their job and difficult to identify, one effective method to control these pests is an annual inspection. Our professionals at Canopy Pest Control have the advanced equipment and training needed to detect these destructive insects deep inside structural wood and in the ground around your home. Although some damage might be done by the time we spot these pests, it will be nowhere near as severe as it could be if termites are left untreated for years. Learn more about our termite identification by talking with our team. 

The Most Effective Termite Control For Queen Creek Homes

Annual termite inspections are usually the cheapest way to make sure your home is not severely damaged by termites. They will not, however, guarantee protection from destructive termites. What will guarantee that termites will stay away is professional termite control. We have amazing termite control offerings at Canopy Pest Control. With monitoring and advanced treatments, we will make sure your property has everything it needs to eliminate these pests before they become a problem indoors.

Get in touch with Canopy Pest Control now to learn more about our termite control and schedule a service visit for your Queen Creek home and property. We can help!