Four Easy Yet Effective Scorpion-Prevention Tips For Queen Creek Properties

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It is important to start by saying that these tips are easy to understand, but not necessarily easy to do. Scorpion prevention isn't easy unless you have someone else do it for you. But, some of the following tips are things you may already be doing for the health of your home and landscaping. So it will be easy to simply do more of what you're already doing. Let's take a look.

1. Exclusions

There are many things you don't want to have in your home. Moisture can get in and cause wood rot, mold, and other issues. Heat can get in and make you miserable. A wide range of pests can get in and bite or sting you. You're probably already applying exclusions to keep all of these out of your home. If not, you will benefit if you do.

  • Inspect your weatherstripping and replace weatherstriping that isn't getting the job done.
  • Inspect your door sweeps. If they're damaged or missing, install new sweeps.
  • Replace or repair damaged screens.
  • Repair wood rot or fill in holes that have been created in wood.
  • Fill in gaps along your foundation and around foundation penetrations.
  • Make sure your weep holes have weep hole protection.
  • Make sure vents are properly covered.
  • Address loose bricks, mortar, stones, and other building materials.
  • Consider interior gaps as well. Inspect the pipes that come in underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If there are gaps, use a caulking gun to seal around the gaps.

2. Pathways

Bark scorpions can climb. If they scale a tree, they can gain access to your roof by way of branches that touch your roofline. Trim branches back to prevent this. It is also a good idea to trim landscape vegetation away from your exterior walls. This makes it more difficult for scorpions to exploit entry points that are above ground level.

3. Moisture Control

Damp conditions around your Queen Creek home can play a key role in scorpion activity. The more scorpions you have around your exterior, the more likely scorpions will find a way inside. Reduce moisture to naturally deter scorpions. This will also help to keep your landscape vegetation healthy.

  • Make sure your gutter system is working to channel water out and away from your perimeter.
  • Trim the plants in your vegetation to let the wind flow through and dry moisture.
  • Give you plants only the water they need.
  • Water your plants in the early morning if possible. 

4. Harborage

While we've put this last, it is by no means the least effective. Scorpions find harborage in many places. The more harborage options you provide, the more trouble you're likely to have with these painful pests.

  • Remove open trash sources.
  • Remove leaves and other organic debris that rests on the ground.
  • Move boards, rocks, bricks and other objects that are stacked or lying near your home.
  • Address areas of excess mulch.

Scorpion Control Is Included In Our Home Pest Control Process

If you have residential pest control with Canopy Pest Control, you get targeted control of scorpions around your property and secondary control of the food sources that can attract scorpions, food sources such as spiders, centipedes, insects, rodents, and more. There is no better way to guard yourself and your family from the threat scorpions can present. Would you like to learn more? We'd love to address your questions. It is easy to get started. Contact us and request a free no-obligation pest control inspection for your Queen Creek home. We'll send a licensed pest professional over to take a look at the pest pressures on your property and guide you in selecting the right plan for you.