Why Do I Have Ants In My Queen Creek Home?

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crazy ants carrying larvae

As hard as you might try to maintain a spotless home, you could still end up with ants. Most homeowners battle ants in Queen Creek all year long and constantly wonder what they’re doing wrong. If you’re tired of finding ants, it’s time to learn the facts. Find out why ants are entering your home, and whether or not you can do anything to keep them out.

What Attracts Ants in Queen Creek?

The two most prevalent types of ants in Queen Creek are the crazy ant and the rover ant. Crazy ants are very small and are known for their erratic movements. While most other ant types walk in straight lines, crazy ants live up to their name, while rover ants are organized and tend to be lighter in color than crazy ants. 
Rover ants are annoying, but crazy ants are downright dangerous. As an aggressive species, crazy ants are quick to bite when they feel threatened. They also cause property damage and often chew through electrical wires and equipment. At times, the ants damage HVAC systems and other large appliances. 
Despite their differences, both ants are attracted to the same two things - food and water. Additionally, they’re both small enough to get into your home via cracks, gaps, and crevices. 

Why Your Home Is Appealing To Ants

While every home in Queen Creek is different, they share some of the same factors that attract ants. All of the following could be reasons you have ants in your home:

You Have Crumbs

It takes regular vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping to keep ants away. They’re attracted to crumbs, and a failure to clean regularly leaves your home full of crumbs. If you want to keep ants away, wipe down all the surfaces in your kitchen and dining area after every meal. Then, clean the floors.
Every so often, take the time to do a deep clean of your home. Although every room deserves attention, your kitchen needs particular attention. This is because crumbs tend to gather under appliances; if you’re diligent about sweeping but still have ants, the problem may be hidden crumbs. 

You Have Improperly Stored Food

Another source of food for ants is your pantry food. One common mistake made by homeowners is to keep food in its original packaging. Once you open a bag of cereal or grains, it’s easily accessible to ants. If you want to keep ants away, you need to keep food in containers with lids. Plastic and glass containers with airtight lids are particularly difficult for ants to access.

You Have Improperly Stored Trash

A trash can without a lid is an invitation to ants. All of your leftovers and crumbs end up in the garbage, which then becomes fodder for ants. To make your garbage more challenging to access, use garbage cans with lids. 

You Have Too Much Moisture

Without moisture, ants can’t survive. If you are experiencing an ant infestation, you could have too much water available to these Queen Creek pests. Address all of your moisture issues as soon as possible to deter ants.

You Have Many Potential Entrances

How many gaps, cracks, and crevices does your home have? All of those openings are potential entrances for ants. If you don’t seal up the openings, you’ll continue to struggle to keep ants out.

You Don’t Rely On Professionals

Perhaps the biggest mistake made by homeowners is approaching pest control alone. However, you might not have success fighting off ants. For the best results, you need to work with a team of professionals. Here at Canopy Pest Control, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.