The Best Way to Keep Rodents Out of Your Queen Creek Restaurant

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Rodents are a common problem for restaurants, but this doesn’t make them any less troublesome to deal with. It is essential to rodent-proof your restaurant to keep your business healthy and reputable.

Rodent Risks for Your Queen Creek Restaurant

Rodents are one of the most common pest problems encountered by Queen Creek restaurants. After all, rodents are scavengers, and the elements of restaurant kitchens, such as grease, garbage, and food scraps, attract them. Restaurants and restaurant kitchens also tend to be warm year-round, making for a comfortable area to hide and find an easy meal.

You may encounter several problems as a result of rodents in your restaurant. On top of rodents being major carriers for disease themselves, they can contaminate food and food storage areas, making for potentially dangerous illnesses if customers then consume the food. It is also highly unsanitary to have rodents running around, as they will surely leave behind damage from gnawing and droppings, which can also pass along illness.

Another major problem of rodents in your Queen Creek restaurant is the damage a mouse or rat sighting can have on your business’s reputation. Not only will employees be less enthused about working in a restaurant that hosts rodents, but customers are unlikely to return to a business where rodents can be found, even after you have fixed the problem. This is why rodent prevention and an ongoing relationship with Canopy Pest Control is worth investing in – these things can help put a stop to your pest problems before they become irreversibly damaging.

Rodent Prevention Tips

There are several rodent prevention tips that you can follow to stop rodents from entering your restaurant:

  • Rodents can enter into restaurants through open doors and tiny holes around the building – it only takes a hole a quarter-size large for rats to enter and a dime-size large for mice to enter. Seal up cracks and gaps in the building, including improving any weather stripping or gaps between doors and windows.
  • Make sure doors into the restaurant remain closed when not in use. An open door, especially those in the kitchen leading to trash receptacles, are prime targets for rodents looking for food and shelter.
  • Like most other animals, rodents need water to survive. Ensure there are no areas of standing water in or outside of your restaurant to deter rodents from moving in.
  • Clean up all food messes around the restaurant and kitchen as soon as possible. The longer food waste and trash are left to sit around; the more likely rodents will come searching for it.
  • Ensure that all trash, leftover food, and food storage areas are sealed properly. The aroma of trash and food is a major factor in attracting rats, so double-check that everything is fully sealed and trash is disposed of promptly.

Keeping Your Restaurant Rodent-Free

The best way to ensure that rodents don’t get into your restaurant is by investing in ongoing professional pest prevention assistance. The experts at Canopy Pest Control will provide customizable treatments using organic pesticides. This will efficiently keep your restaurant rodent-free, so all you have to worry about is running your business.