Ant Control Maintenance: Keeping Your Queen Creek Home Ant-Free Long-Term

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ants scavenging on a kitchen table

Killing ants is easy. All you need is your hand or foot and a small amount of force. The challenge with these pests is finding long-term methods to keep them out of your living areas. To do this, you have to understand ant control and be able to implement treatments inside and around your home. 

If you are here today seeking an immediate solution for ants, call our team at Canopy Pest Control and ask about your options for pest control in Queen Creek. To learn more about the different types of ants locally and how to stop them from invading your home, keep reading. We have everything you'll need to know about these pests in Queen Creek.

How To Identify Common Types Of Ants

Most ants look very similar. Most species that invade homes in our area are between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch long and either black or brown. Apart from minor body-shape changes and behavioral shifts, it is hard to tell these pests apart. 

The ant species that are easy to identify include carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants. Carpenter ants are the largest local species and can be red, black, or red and black. Pharaoh ants are fairly small and have pale yellow bodies. Finally, fire ants are small and have reddish-brown bodies. 

If you need help identifying an ant infestation inside or around your Queen Creek home, contact our team for a quick inspection. We will help you assess your risk. 

An Ant Infestation Is A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

We want to be completely honest with you. Most ants that want to invade your home are just annoying. The biggest problem they cause is food contamination. That said, here are three issues that certain types of ants cause inside and around local homes:

  • Property damage: This type of damage is most common with carpenter ants who chew up wooden structures to build their nests.
  • Disease: Certain local species can spread illnesses like salmonellosis and staphylococcus.
  • Pain and allergic reactions: Fire ants bite and sting humans. If you have an allergy to venom, an attack from these pests could be a big problem.

To avoid ants, you need some form of effective ant control. Let's talk about your options for this now.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

Identifying ants is usually easy. On the other hand, trying to get these pests out of your home often presents a challenge. These invasive insects only need tiny gaps, cracks, and openings to squeeze their way into local homes. 

To ensure that ants do not invade your home or to deal with an active infestation, bring in our team at Canopy Pest Control. We are licensed to handle these and other problematic pests. Using advanced ant control solutions, we will deal with existing problems and put in place long-term treatments to keep future invaders at bay. All you need to do is get in touch with our team. We'll do the rest. 

Ant Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Ant-Free

If you're not sure you want to invest in professional ant control solutions, you are not out of luck. Here are some simple DIY tips that will help you deter these pests:

  • Seal potential entry points around your home's exterior.
  • Address moisture issues inside and around your home.
  • Clean, clean, and clean some more.
  • Make sure your trash cans are pest-proof.

Contact our team at Canopy Pest Control to learn about our local pest control for ants. You'll find our plans affordable and the perfect solution to keep these pests at bay.