Queen Creek Property Owner’s Ultimate Cricket Control Guide

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a cricket in a front yard

Crickets are generally not perceived as pests. While they do indeed fall into the insect category, they are not the harmless creatures portrayed through pop culture. A Queen Creek Property Owner’s Ultimate Cricket Control Guide includes first understanding the enemy. Delete the image of Jiminy Cricket because while crickets may be symbols of good luck in some cultures, the harsh reality is that they are troublemakers.

Adventurous eaters around the world can try crickets that are sauteed, skewered, and covered in chocolate. There’s even cricket protein powder! When properly prepared, these chirpers can be considered quite the delicacy. It may be a summer tradition to listen to these small brown bugs fill the Arizona evening air with chirps but learning more about crickets can help homeowners safeguard their properties.

Issues Associated With Crickets

A symphony of crickets chirping outdoors may be soothing on warm evenings, but crickets in large numbers in or around your home could be problematic. Here are some of the issues associated with crickets:


Yes, crickets bite. While these little buggers don’t have jaws strong enough to sink into human flesh, the area bitten may become sore. A rash can develop. Victims may even experience flu-like symptoms. Once crickets eat an insect, they become infected with specific pathogens from that bug and then pass it on to the person they bite. Salmonella and E.Coli are two common diseases they carry.

Interior Damage

While cricket infestations are rare, if you do wind up with a large cricket population in your home, there could be significant damage. Crickets eat fabrics and items made out of fabric such as clothing, linens, rugs, draperies, and even upholstered furniture. Cloth soiled with human sweat is a favorite, so this means clothing, couches, chairs, and sheets are at risk. Other fabrics in danger include silk, cotton, wool, and leather.

Exterior Damage

Queen Creek Property Owner’s Ultimate Cricket Control Guide also includes maintaining the first line of defense, which starts at the property line outside. Crickets can be a gardener’s nightmare. Besides eating beneficial insects like ladybugs, crickets also eat vegetable and flower seedlings.

Making Your Queen Creek Property Less Attractive To Crickets

These little guys are attracted to a variety of things that homeowners might not even consider. Taking the time to step up the deterrent game may be able to help keep crickets at bay.

  • Keep it dry - Just like other living creatures, crickets need water, especially in the dry Arizona climate. Ensure there are no leaks or drips that could be inviting.
  • Stay on top of the trash - Keep food scraps to a minimum, clean up after pets (crickets love cat food), be sure to shut trash receptacles tightly, and take the garbage out of the home frequently.
  • Be clean - A clean house is a healthy house and hopefully a less attractive place for crickets. Dust, decomposing bugs and spilled food makes for yummy cricket treats so keep that Roomba running.
  • Patrol the yard - Keep the inside free of crickets by keeping the outside free of them as well. These insects prefer flowerbeds that need weeding, overgrown lawns, and piles of debris so make sure yard work is not overlooked.
  • Switch lights - Like most nocturnal insects, crickets are attracted to light. If exterior lights are used regularly, switch them out to yellow tone lights that do not create such a buzz. Keep window treatments closed after dark to avoid house light shining through.

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