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The city of Chandler, AZ, offers residents the comfort of a family-oriented community. We get to enjoy a variety of events and festivals all through the year, but we’re not the only ones enjoying life here in Chandler. Local pest populations are also eager to settle down here, meaning our homes and businesses are vulnerable to the nightmare of pest infestation. Infestation can lead to many adverse effects, which is why it’s so important to secure ongoing services from pest professionals.
Here at Canopy Pest Control, we’ve been providing complete residential and commercial pest solutions since 2010. We’re proud to service properties throughout Maricopa County and the surrounding areas, providing the Phoenix metro area with unparalleled pest control solutions that last. We’re a locally owned and operated company that works hard to bring you personalized services, and thorough communication. Get in touch with us today to discuss your pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control In Chandler, AZ

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Chandler is a great place to own a home, but unfortunately, pest activity is still a problem that many local homeowners must face. Household infestation can pose a long list of serious threats to your property and your loved ones, which is why the safest way to approach pest protection is by calling in a team of trusted pest professionals. Canopy Pest Solutions offers dependable residential pest control services that Chandler homeowners can feel good about all year.
Our year-round residential pest control packages provide you with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatment options, working with you to come up with the best plan of action for your home. We service the entire property, including the foundation, wall voids, fence lines, landscaping, interior, garages, doors, windows, and eaves. We also come back for follow-up visits to maintain a protective barrier around your home moving forward. Call us today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Chandler, AZ

If you want to guard your Chandler business against the threat of pest infestation, it’s a good idea to rely on services from pest professionals. The team at Canopy Pest Control provides commercial pest control solutions to a wide range of local properties, such as restaurants, office spaces, warehouses, healthcare, athletic facilities, and mechanic shops. Whatever your pest problem, we’ll work with you to come up with the right solution.
Our pest protection plans provide full coverage from a long list of common Arizona pests. Some of the invaders we deal with include stinging insects, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, scorpions, carpet beetles, flies, bees, snakes, gophers, crickets, silverfish, and earwigs. Our understanding of the local area pest populations gives us the knowledge and expertise to bring you guaranteed, lasting, pest-free results. Reach out today for your free inspection.


Do You Need Professional Cockroach Removal Services In Your Chandler, AZ Home?

If you discover a cockroach in your home, or worse, an entire family of cockroaches, it’s not a good idea to try and handle the problem on your own. It can get out of hand much too quickly, and the longer you try to deal with the situation yourself, the more exposed you become to the dangers of cockroach infestation. What are those dangers?
Cockroaches leave feces, saliva, shed skin, and droppings everywhere they go. This leads to large scale contamination, which puts you at risk for a variety of health conditions, such as E.coli infection, dysentery, gastroenteritis, cholera, listeriosis, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, and giardia. In order to protect yourself from these illnesses, it’s crucial to rely on the experts.
For the absolute best protection from a cockroach infestation, contact Canopy Pest Control. Our team is experienced in the successful detection and extermination of cockroach activity, and we promise to keep them off your property moving forward. Reach out to us for all of your cockroach control needs.


What Chandler, AZ Residents Ought To Know About Spiders

Spiders are unpleasant to discover in your home, there’s no doubt about that. What starts out as one spider can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Soon, things get completely out of hand. As a homeowner, there are some things about spiders to keep in mind.
Spiders love remote, dark areas where they can find shade and weave their webs. If your space is filled with clutter and not properly cleaned on a regular basis, spiders have more harborage areas to choose from. You’re also less likely to notice them in such a mess. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly dust, sweep, and clean the nooks and crannies of your home, removing any webs to prevent further spider activity.
Obviously, spider infestation is something all homeowners should avoid. Your best protection from spider activity and infestation is with pest control services from professionals. Get in touch with Canopy Pest Control today to hear more about our spider control and prevention services; we’re eager to help.



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